Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination is a child-focused alternative dispute resolution process aimed to help families increase positive communication between the parents. Parenting coordination can be helpful to parents who are unable to resolve parenting disputes, and who may otherwise seek remedy through the judicial system. Parenting Coordination can aid those parents who are already in the judicial system but seek non-litigation alternatives.

A Parenting Coordinator (PC) is a neutral third party who is either a licensed mental health or family law professional, as well as a certified/qualified mediator with professional experience with high-conflict family cases. The PC’s job is to assist high-conflict parents in the development of and/or implementation of their parenting plan by facilitating timely dispute resolutions. A PC works with parents to maintain focus on the best interest of the children.

A PC may be utilized at any point in your process. Work with a PC may be court-ordered or parent-initiated. The role of the PC is specific to each family; however, the PC can provide parent education, improve communication and information sharing, and assist parents in making timely and informed decisions for the benefit of their children. Some particular areas in which a PC can assist families include: transitions, parental schedule changes, scheduling, extra-curricular activities, school choice, medical/dental decisions (braces, therapy, etc.), travel and passport issues, roles and contacts of significant others or extended family members, substance abuse, social media use (by kids and/or parents posting photos of the kids), religious practices, and COVID protocols including vaccines.

At The Law Offices of Diamond, Fee & Kalos, PLLC all partners have extensive experience working with children and families, both in the court system and outside of it. We strive to help families communicate in a positive, child-focused manner, so they can avoid the stress of litigation, and focus on the importance of co-parenting.